When your vacation needs a Pre-vacation.

It’s amazing how much work goes into getting ready for a trip. Days of gathering items for a 3, 000 mile trip, one that takes you into a foreign land as well as Canada (heh). Do you need a language phrase book for Canada. It is almost as if you need a vacation to get ready for your vacation. At least I stress out more about getting ready (because no matter how much planning and reminder messages to myself I always FORGET something).

Sometimes I think there is a little evil elf or fairy that takes that one item out and hides it, while laughing hysterically while I am in the car ripping apart the nicely packed bags looking for said item. Only to have been set on the counter, under a magazine, under a couch cushion, in the dog’s toy box…etc! This time I left three things behind that no matter how many times I stuffed the items in my bag or in the trunk of the car they just kept popping out. What is so important about these three items you may ask. Well they are Dave, Kenai and Humpy. I am sad that they are not with me on this journey. Humpy not so much since he hates the car but miss turning around and seeing Kenai gaze rapturously out the window and Dave with his silly stories and his contagious laughter. But this story isn’t about them, not really. It is about an amazing journey for my Mom and I. One that is only ours and ours alone. One that we will have great stories to embellish in the years to come…



Enjoying the Sunshine.

Enjoying the Sunshine.

Swimming Doggy

Swimming Doggy

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The Mile Post isnt a Mile long of Post-It Notes?

Mile Post

Mile Post is a book created by the Devil himself.

After being born, lived and visiting Alaska numerous times. I was told recently that I needed to purchase a travel guide for my imminent drive to Alaska. The travel guide is apparently “THE  Alaska Travel Guides”. It is called, “The Mile Post”, and is literally a mile by mile description of the Al-Can Highway. WHAT THE ….HUH?  Yep you heard me right. a mile by mile description of the highway plus the endless choices. Ugh.

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You’re going where?!?!?! Yep. Going to Hell in a handbasket!

Mom's New RideSo strange to have a computer again after years without and just using an ipad or my iphone. So this is where my story will begin. I ramble a lot. So bear with me and this new world of laptop user-ship and blogesphere.

So I find myself 6 days away from going on a major road trip with my Mom. We are driving her new Toyota Venza from Billings, Montana to Kenai, Alaska. Gah. Am I crazy you ask. Slightly. Well according to my husband, Dave. Definitely. But, I have lost family members in the last few years. Family members that I have regrets not spending enough time with them. I never want to have regrets with spending enough time with my mother. As well as how many times in your life will you get a chance to DRIVE to Alaska let alone visit Alaska. So I figured it would be a great road trip full of laughter, numb butts and probably lots of are we there yet questions. So here we go. Just be sure to where your seatbelt!

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